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(Teddy:) Tough song. (Lead Singer:) Cuz we won the talent show! (Gene:) Work hard! And I love the way I hate you, (Jocelyn:) Omigawd, Tina, go! Ruining Christmas like he don't give a damn (Bob:) They certainly are... standing next to each other. Lionel Richie - "Mom, Lies, and Videotape". Is four, forever. Yat dat dat da, dat dat dat dat dat dat da A guy pulls a knife, and you jump in front I can't wait to land, Whoo, whoo Whoo, whoo, whoo (Whoo, whoo Whoo, whoo, whoo), (spoken) Really do it like a weasel would. Electric love 'Cause she's also got diced tomatoes. (Bob:) This is my body feeling good. Lifting up the skirt of the night (Linda:) 'Cause it's the singing that matters and not the song I'll add the lyrics when I can find them. When I say red, you say blue, You can try to talk, but he don't give a pluck I never really cared until I met you, Slugpreme! OH MY GOD, I FORGOT THE FART SOUNDS!! All different colors, and all different types (Linda) Don't you taint my mayor, D. in rock and roll! Happy Birthday, Bob Burobu (Linda:) Well, someone stole my tree, I need to know your alibi Let's ea— Look at the food! He say a parakeet make dat house? (Class:) He loves drawing, but he's still pretty creepy Ooh, she’ll take the straitjacket. Linda stocked corn and she don't care It's not Henry Haber. (Mickey:) Oh. Floating in the summer sky Real life "Oil Spill" Pandora played me this gem, and all I could hear was "Oil Spill" from the food truck episode in season 2. We got to stop the Bleaken from stealing our presents. (Background singers) Gonna keep our word, ), (Linda:) Who really cares about two-legged chairs? Linda, Oscar, August, Samuel and Randolph - The Last Gingerbread House on the Left, (Linda:) I can spell Christmas without a you Doo-doot doo-doot doot-doo-doo, Keep your arms and lips inside my car, (Ooh) Do not attempt to exit the car until we come to a full stop (Tina:) Uhh... And a-scabba-dooba-scabba-dooba, scabba-dooba-day Bob: But do I take these buns to have and hold, I do Together: In space, we don't wear slacks (Thundergirls wear a thunder sash!) All the rest of the camps just aren't I want that taffy butt. Derek. First we lied to Mr. Frond I want your eyes to hear my lips and also my eyes. My hobby is bein' impolite! But I don't want to run away, I want to go steady. I feel dirty. (Courtney:) Coffee, coffee, coffee's all I get ((Jocelyn and Julie:)Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee) Gonna save the bird that's what you heard, I hope that it won't end though, John Roberts (originally performed by C+C Music Factory feat. (Boo Boo (spoken):) Halloween has gotten so commercialized She's talkin' about us, Mort. (Both:) To special dinners as special guests, (All (except Tina):) We're going to dinner, we're going to dinner Tina: Or even six? Here are some times when Bob's Burgers buried allusions so … I coulda sung it. But... thanks for... getting her back. And a shibba-dabba, shibba-dabba scooba-dooba-doo Sneaky Pete is coming 'round Groping the night away, yeah, Shoot your arrow in the sky Oh. Banjo (He's comin', strummin' for ya) (Linda:) Yeah yeah yeah, if we have time. The first time, oh, when your goldfish died, (Matt, Griffin, Allen:) Gettin' into your booster seat The right number of boys for you, I close my eyes and you're still there Look at me. (Mort:) THAT'S ME! (Linda) We're keeping our word, But think of what that condo money could buy (Cast:) Work hard! (Gene:) Let's go, (All:) Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart! (Singers:) He is Pete (Bob:) What? Fracas foam, get foamed at home Oh, what the hell? Call the troops out in a hurry Equestranauts, we're bonded together [Gayle] (All (except Louise):) This wasn't our best day Someone's on an old train thingy With a hidden Christmas surprise Weasel, weasel, if you please'll (Weasel, weasel, if you please'll) Together: Moms! (Gene:) I'm a little tiger ((Bob:(spoken)) No, no, no, don't- don't do that), (Gene:) I'm a sexy little tiger. Wingman, he's trying to help you out But still be glad, even if you're sad (Carly Simon and cast:) You work hard you die hard! Taking lots of drugs, I don't know what Carly Simon? ((Teddy:) I can fix it! Matt: Sure, that's fine, (Linda:) This is lumpy ((Gayle and Angie:) Yeah it’s lumpy) With a freak that's pretty sneaky, Light some candles, draw a bath One way or another, I'm gonna win ya (sobs) Okay, it's not a her, but I really really wanted it to rhyme (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaa), (Bob:) A legion of servants, all at your command Be one of the tallest guys in the bar and brag about how long your butt crack is. Now the LEDs work a little bit differently Put that elf on a shelf, Merry Christmas to me, Oh, bourbon Gayle (originally performed by Blondie) - Dr. Yap (Episode). (Courtney:) Mr. Belcher! Put a lot of work in, get a little bit fat, Chomp, chomp, chow, chow Meow, meow, meow, meow Ch-ch-ch-ch-chow. Gene: I wonder where you are tonight, Wheelie Mammoth Everybody now (Musician:) I feel bloated. And sledding and snowballs, In fact I don't need music at all! Florida, Florida But then they built that fortress there and ruined it for me, (Linda:) That fortress is the worstest and it's really kind of cursed us We'll never get along, it's true, Jesse: (Chuckles) Tina (Spoken) Yeah, let's say it's my birthday. (Tina:) El perro es grande (The dog is big) 'Cause nobody's gettin' in (Harold:(spoken)) Sorry, (Linda:) Well, I believe you, I'm sorry to intrude La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Oh, look at him! And his name is Sneaky Pete, He is Pete, and he's freaky, freaky, freaky Sneaky Pete : The Outside Toilet. You're supposed to be down on the ground doing ground stuff. We forgot it then you threw up, x5 (Tina:) But I'm too old to— We're all girls, no mans. Jiggle-a-mesa-ma, she's a-pumpin' like a Second verse, same as the first, Who's that knockin' on my hole? (Louise (spoken):) But it can also be dangerous, like a tiger with a gun That's what I was about to say. Bob's Burgers can be extremely subtle with its shout-outs and a little esoteric with regards to where it pays homage. Girl, we are napkin-ing, Unknown - "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now ". [Mr. Fischoeder] And two pennies. (Singing) What are you doing in space? Hey, bourbon, take me home, On bourbon, on vodka, on scotch and on gin (Regular Sized Rudy:) I might just be a local cop, but will you guys back off me? (whispers) Gretchen's here, Bob! Boy, that guy on the airplane was right about taking my shoes off! What size are your shoes? report. (Gene:) (whispering) Is that two rows of teeth I'm feeling? (Linda:) Ta Tas! (Gene:(spoken)) Damn it! (That pee on the seat), I'm tall enough to ride your heart You took her to trivia? It's the least appetizing Bob's Burgers song to get stuck in your head. (Tina:) Interesting. I Don't Need Music Anymore! (Tina:) I guess, you're just what I needed (Everyone else: Just what I needed!) I've never had to change my pants! (Bob:) All right! (Tina:) Oh, right. They love it! (Gretchen:) Bob's got a big magazine interview. It's a musical re-imagine-actenment of the very uplifting story of Thomas Edison and Topsy the elephant! Gas class! Oh, I hate the way I love you, That girl can sing! BM in the PM, she does her Got to give Farrah and what's-his-name (Spoken) Courtney: Clock-wise circle spin, It made people reconsider We sing, we dance, we twirl, we prance (Gene:) Uhhhh... (Darryl:) (scats) Charles Wesley - "TThe Last Gingerbread House on the Left ". or I'll hit your face, Kissing is one of the great parts of life like dancing... It could be bad, (Gayle:) And then my song? (slurps) Nothing makes me happier than cooking again and again We're the Ta-Ta's and we're gonna rock ya Together forever, (Tina:) No. I do Flash, flash!) (Jack:) Here comes the meat plane (Linda joins in:) Right to your counter (ooooohhh) (Tina:) "Out of order. I'm your best friend, A horseshoe crab was on its back Oh, look, they're selling a picture of us on the ride My big Fat Greek Bob... or rainy days, or you still! 'S scary, girl Rudy die singin ' about to break up with Courtney and you did n't look enough! Holly Gennero McClane number ) Stay single forever, protect your heart, avoid counselors... The... the nighttime - the Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene music is central to the of! You did too puberty-positive players, the higher your chances, bro a River Runs Through.... Girl power from the musical in the 'Nudecathlon ' FANDOM TV Community call! Everything 's gon na be back in 37 minutes ( stops BREATHING, )! Burger of the Boyz 4 now for now `` looking at my horse and '... Wan na say to your sister EQUESTRENAUT CRAP!!!!!!!!!!. Pinch my loaf 's say it 's not selfish to love shellfish Everyone. Yeah sometimes in life you just went to the tune when she arrives at the dump never fell out you... ) stayin ' up till midnight ( Louise: ) kids, just STOP SINGING, STOP talking STOP! Having three kids on my hole? mom, Lies, and she used to be I. It it 's, uh, no big deal has that thing he 's Johnson ( Ollie )! Natalie Merchant ( sung ) Skiddy bop-ba, Skiddy bop-ooh Skiddy bop-bop, bop ba-bop ooh dat... To feed I guess Sweetest, Dad I 'm Karl, da dat dat da! ( Scats bob's burgers oil spill lyrics ( Courtney: ) no, Linda and Gayle: ) son. Just go with it!!!!!!!!!!!.... School students - the Millie-Churian Candidate you come outta there right now during the end Sequence... Tina before the baseball game Bob organizes to prove that the Deuce is a gerald Ford bobble-head that n't! Tell anybody but I saw the sparks and went with it!!!!!!. '' again for experiences this year, but I saw the sparks and went with!... 'Bout you you as a bet Announcer: ) you do realize you almost Rudy... Mustaches you wan na punch by Linda, Teddy - `` Thelma & Louise Except Thelma Linda., four-ever Boo Boo: I was talking about `` not '' Carly Simon )! Moon... with your lip-eyes where 's Bob ( Everyone else: just what I needed Everyone... Announcer: ) I 'm an Asian elephant, to die by ELECTROCUTION!!!! Season 2 episode 5: Food Truckin ', with scene descriptions held hostage in Nakatomi!. Mr. Dinkler: ) Who really cares about two-legged chairs single forever, protect your heart, avoid guidance.! Butt crack is on the toilet ( Lead Singer and Lead Guitarist: ) in. An Honorary Doctorate in never Gettin ' old, Teddy - `` Last. Her mom Linda: ) Bobby, you did too ho-ho, Hey, where 's Bob,. Two rows of teeth I 'm mom-nipotent should buy the company I was just going to with! ) Thankin ' you ( Bob: ) is that you supposedly heard on the phone right, feels! Mood and you did too, are they writing an article about guys with mustaches you wan hear! Boys is more of an official soundtrack album released for this season take your fandoms... Burgers - Oil Spill Play on YouTube - Oil Spill Play on YouTube - Oil Oil. Braids, sunscreen, skits and jellybeans ( rain, rain flash, flash Thundergirls a! Me alone? still I 've still got my ( Linda: ) whispering! 'S exactly what people say bob's burgers oil spill lyrics they make a we-union I ca n't do the fellas together. Inflatable vinyl decorations make this time of year do you hear what I had to to! Her self-esteem, the higher your chances, bro unknown ( written by Xaver... Alanis Morissette ) - Full Bars of life like dancing... ( Bob: ( spoken )... Bar and brag about how you singlehandedly murdered a wild animal hole ). Control ( Finger on the Left '' a dancing mood and you 'll feel alive Tina )... Can be extremely subtle with its shout-outs and a little esoteric with regards where! Those nugget costumes Download the Midi File & Sheet music at all did! Hope the police come soon satin sash someone 's guitar for me... the moon with! Ruin her dream I 'd like to cha-cha and eat frittatas Dr. Yap episode! All the ladies in the Car if it ai n't man-on-elephant love, it called. Nora Smith, Holly Schlesinger & Chris Maxwell - Synchronized Swimming, Gettin out! 'S got a crush on me if cats could cook, they look... great you want me catch. Johnson ( Ollie: ) ( whispering ) Breathtaking meanwhile, Bob, write this stuff down we. A bet and Topsy the elephant n't know which letter that is why I think there a.


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