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Note: You may either grip the bar with your thumbs on top of the bar or under the bar. Reverse Grip Barbell Curl Instructions Grasp a barbell or Olympic bar at around shoulder width apart using a reverse grip (palms facing down). They can be done on both, dumbbells and barbells. When done properly, the reverse curl is one most effective exercise you see being use at the gym for developing the forearm. Reverse curls are bicep contraction but your palm facing downward. Grasp a barbell with an overhand grip (i.e. However, there are various variations to it which we discuss below. Stand straight up, feet together (you may be more comfortable putting one foot back for stability), back straight, and with your arms fully extended. Unlike, bicep curls where you hold the barbell or dumbbell with your palms facing towards you. However, the isotonic motion is the same. The reverse barbell curl is a exercise that develops the brachioradialis, the muscle directly responsible for strengthening and developing the forearm. with your thumbs facing one another), stand with your legs about shoulder-width apart, and rest the barbell against your thighs. The barbell reverse curl is a non-negotiable component of arm training.Sure, a standard barbell curl will still work the same muscles, but a reverse curl variation hits certain muscles a little better. That’s because anatomically, hand position can determine which muscles are more active during specific movements (we’ll get more into that shortly). Reverse Curls (Barbell) Reverse Curls (Barbell) Performance Description.


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