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Refer to the diagram for clear visualization. Sign convention for reflection by spherical mirrors Reflection of light by spherical mirrors follow a set of sign conventions called the New Cartesian Sign Convention. We can see the sign convention in both Lens Some points to note Focal length of Convex Lens is positive Focal length of Concave Lens is negative Since object is always in front of the lens, object distance is always negative If a real image is formed, image is formed on right side, so image distance is positive Derivation of lens formula or mirror equation; Sign Conventions. Since, the centre of curvature and focus lie in front of the concave mirror, so signs of radius of curvature and focal length are taken as … This sign convention is known as New Cartesian Sign Convention. In this convention, the pole (P) of the mirror is taken as the origin. The principal axis of the mirror is taken as the x-axis (X'X) of the coordinate system. U= negative for both V= positive for real inverted and negative for virtual erect Check out the Light Reflection and Refraction Class 10 Notes, Explanation, Light Reflection and Refraction Class 10 NCERT Solutions. For the measurement of all the distances, the optical center of the lens is considered. In numericals, we need to calculate some things likeObject distanceImage distanceObject heightImage heightFocal lengthTo calculate them correctly, we need to find whether it is positive or negativeThe sign convention mentioned below helps us in itWe can see the sign convention in … Sign is taken as – (negative) from pole of a spherical mirror towards object along the principal axis. Sign Convention for Spherical Mirror: Cartesian Sign Convention: In the case of spherical mirror all signs are taken from Pole of the spherical mirror, which is often called origin or origin point. Your No1 source for Latest Entrance Exams, Admission info ... Sign convention for convex and concave lens. Sign convention in the case of concave mirror: Since, object is always placed in front of the mirror hence the sign of object is taken as negative. New Cartesian Sign Convention is used to avoid confusion in understanding the ray directions.


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