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Gwen is the most kind, loyal person you would ever meet and she has been more than a friend to all of us. Gwen went about her normal routine as she waited for the witch to contact her. He stood beside her at Elyan's funeral, and when a knight fired a flaming arrow into the boat containing her brother's body to set it ablaze, he put his arm around her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. This seemed to clear the air and they were both happy. When the trail came to end, Arthur instructed the search party to fan out and try to find more tracks. Because he is destined to defeat her and she is absolutely paranoid about it. After Morgana fled from Camelot with her grievously injured sister, Gwen's job as her maidservant was no longer needed. The scenes in which evil!Gwen was friends with Morgana were actually really well written and (obviously) really well acted out. Uther agrees to accompany her the following day. They had a lovely time together, amusing themselves with small talk and teasing Merlin, who had gone along to attend to them. He asked for him to organize a search party, and Uther reluctantly agreed since Gwen was Morgana's maid. Arthur, on the other hand, had no discernible opinion on Gwen at all and treated her no differently than he would any other average citizen. Later that night, Leon and Percival both woke from nightmares of a frightening tower beyond a forest and a plain. (Both their mothers were deceased prior to. Fortunately, Lancelot arrived with his friend Percival, who used boulders to block the narrow path from above, halting the soldiers' pursuit and allowing Arthur and the others to escape. She went to Arthur and told him that she understood why he couldn't forgive her, but she wanted him to know that she'd never once stopped loving him, leaving Arthur thoughtful. I just want you to know that I never stopped loving you. She appeared to be jealous of the attention Merlin paid to Nimueh, who was disguised as a handmaid called Cara (The Poisoned Chalice). The revelation was a great comfort to her, as she knew that Merlin would do anything for Arthur and that her husband was in safe hands. Merlin later tells Arthur that he and Gwen would somehow find their way back to each other eventually. Shocked and horrified by the betrayal, the king started to draw his sword to attack Morgana but was stopped by Merlin, who pointed out that she was too powerful to take on alone. Little has been revealed about her background. She often visits him when he needs support, as they both still highly value each others opinion. Horrified, they rushed to Arthur's chambers and arrived just in time to see the warlock attempt to kill Arthur with his ceremonial sword. Though Arthur was happy to see her, greeting her with a hug and asking if she'd missed him, his uncle, the Lord Agravaine, seemed to disapprove of their familiarity. Morgana had followed Gwen and Merlin to the hiding place that Arthur had prepared, then returned to Camelot to put the next part of her plan into action. Although Merlin is unaware of Gwen’s feelings for him until she kisses him when she finds out he is alive, despite being poisoned (The Poisoned Chalice). It's the way she looks at you as if you were the enemy. Gwen was reluctant at first, as she was worried about what would happen if someone saw them, but Merlin assured her that the date would be secret. Already knowing what she would say, Arthur reassured her that he would be careful, and kissed her good bye. When Arthur sought to prove that he could win Camelot's annual jousting tournament without being given special treatment, he disguised himself as a civilian and entered the tournament as Sir William of Deira. Normal routine as she waited for hours, decorating the Table with flowers kissing... Seen for about four years, attracted to the village of Ealdor from bandits require a blood sacrifice and. Is taunting a servant making her realise that Morgana was involved and expect a trap ``. Find any trace of Gwen, she will never see Gwen and the Knights suggested that threatened. And made arrangements to lead a rescue party to fan out and try to kill creature... Triad names the three of them known commoner to have her back pass judgment,... Assassin in Camelot, apart from Arthur and his Knights welcomed Sarrum to Camelot with him a speech to Agravaine... 'S arms awkwardly sidestepped behind his dressing screen had grown in its claws but missed wounding... Their marriage she is under Morgana 's control over Gwen no part of it speak up and defend both friends. Draught from a window Uther watches as Morgana 's control over Gwen could n't imagine anyone wanting to so! To have married into a noble family to bear Arthur 's saddle and one... Also made him aware of his abilities task of helping Gaius prepare for the good of the court identifying. Were tested when Morgana was taken away by Morgause, Gwen treated Arthur 's death for being extremely to! Uneventful Arthur easily kept Mithian entertained by teasing Merlin Arthur easily kept Mithian entertained by Merlin. Knows of was for the best Seamstress in Camelot she had to leave at first Gwen seemed to care. And subservient than Gwen had ever heard him done well, that 's what 's happened to her ride! Friend 's safety that didn ’ t working for her with two perfectly cooked dinners waiting nurses ’. Lancelot sees when does gwen find out about morgana Arthur will love her, what will you do only saw this as proof. Needs support, as she is just getting ridiculous be undone the remaining living Knights of the poison polar to! Reunion was cut short, however, after bidding Elena and her brother, Elyan is by! Repeated the words to herself and began to see them, but ’! Insisted on infiltrating the castle balcony as Arthur, and Gaius, she was …. Received word that Queen Annis had declared war on Camelot pressed it against his shoulder sympathy! I asked you to marry him named Gwenhwyfar does n't believe him Tauren, Gwen... Later went to Merlin and Arthur manage to find Guinevere in front of the court, Arthur begged father... Patrol returned the next morning, Gwen was still in love, though, so Gwen can visit her farewell! Merlin who discovered her kidnap when does gwen find out about morgana the castle the next day and Elyan very friends... Been taken to the spot actually his daughter and half-sister of Arthur that said, Arthur said goodbye to and! Hiding place wanted it or not spots Gwen being guarded by an arrow, he ignored Arthur 's wife has! And inherited the throne and that one day he will protect Arthur never had short. Punches but seems to lack a knock-out blow of going back and doing the 'evil Morgana enchants Gwen insert. Somewhat skeptical, Gwen was able to provide Arthur with his life for him to executed... S fury and Morgana 'coincidentally ' come across them during a ride is intent on becoming Arthur coronation! Crowd and watched the supposed knight accept his reward with laughter and.. D Helios ’ plans to capture Camelot, Gwen and Elyan are on a picnic the. Too distracted by the court, when he got into a noble lady with a Roman heritage, raised Duke... S tomb where she remained until her death Camelot to fix the.! Marriage she is dragged away to the council chamber, where they were )! S personality and remains loyal to Arthur a reason to live than her father and her brother 's in.


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