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This article is an edited transcript of Italy and World War 2 with Paul Reed, available on History Hit TV.. Dan talks to Paul Reed about the significance of the Italian invasion in World War Two.Listen Now. WW II History: How the Landings at Anzio Decided the Italian Campaign. The GUSTAV Line was broken and by June 4, 1944, the allies on the two fronts had linked up and advanced into Rome, as the Germans gave it up without causing further damage. The tactics of retreating to organized lines of defense prepared along prominent terrain features up the Italian “boot” (such as the "Gustav Line" at Cassino) was successfully followed by the German Army throughout the Italian Campaign. The 2nd New Zealand Division saw its first action of the Italian Campaign at the end of November 1943 when they joined the Allied effort to breach the Germans’ Gustav Line. they believed an Italian campaign would be quick and easy Why did the invasion at Anzio fall apart? The crossing of the Gari River effectively breached the Gustav Line and left only the Hitler Line between the Allies and Rome. However, the word ‘only’ is an understatement as the Canadians were about to face their most serious and deadly fighting in the entire Italian campaign in the coming days. Part of the Italian Theater of World War II (1939-1945), the campaign was the result of the Allies' inability to penetrate the Gustav Line following their landings at Salerno. Color codes: US 5 Army (includes French Exp Corps), British 8 Army(+ Polish Corps), German XIV & X Armies The operation clearly failed in its immediate objectives of outflanking the Gustav Line, restoring mobility to the Italian campaign, and speeding the capture of Rome. General Clark decided to hold and strengthen the Allied position instead of pushing to encircle the Germans on the Gustav Line Map of Gustav Line - From the official history of the Canadian Army. Includes the German defense lines, GUSTAV, HITLER, & CAESAR south of Rome. The Battle of Anzio commenced on January 22, 1944 and concluded with the fall of Rome on June 5. The Gustav Line To the Gothic Line The Gothic Line Allied Spring Offensive of 1945. A Map created by Royal Canadian Engineers that shows the positions of the Armies on May 11, 1944, just before the Spring Offensive began. The Italian campaign of September 1943 was a complicated operation, focusing around landing at the foot of Italy and advancing up coastal roads towards Rome. The Gustav Line was a series of fortifications that stretched from coast to coast across Italy, strategically using the peninsula’s many rivers and mountainous terrain. The Anzio Campaign continues to be controversial, just as it was during its planning and implementation stages. The Germans were fighting a delaying action as they retreated north of the ARNO RIVER Line and into their major defense line in the mountains.


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