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First Of All ... Travian Defensive Teuton Guide… My name is ReirwerypePen and I am from Orange Walk, Belize (heaven) … Lets hope this goes well! There's no getting around it. Teuton account starting guide Hi Reddit. Though each tribe has a different name for the same structure, they perform similarly. For the Teutons the wall is … Before deciding whether you build your 3rd settler ask yourself the following: Will I need to throw a 4th party to get to CPs, or will I have the CPs in less than 24 hours after my 3rd party is done? Page. Which contains different tools and calculators, helping you playing this wonderful MMOG. Generally, high pops this early means they are simming and have no troops. Send about 5 troops in your first attack to the farms in your 7×7, don’t be afraid of population size. Most successful teutons start out similar to this. After you have hit a farm with your 5 troops determine if the raid came back full. Even if you get zero’s or other small numbers resend at least 2 troops! Probeer elk uniek artefact in bezit te krijgen of bouw het snelste Wereldwonder in de geschiedenis. So when I started Travian in T4.4, I was awfully addicted to those Forum posts where the top players had made extensive advanced/novice beginner guides for Travian legends. Travian Kingdoms takes place in an ancient world. Prerequisites: Granary Level 20, Rally Point Level 10, for Teutons only Tasty mead is brewed in the brewery and later quaffed by the soldiers during their celebrations. So on Day 2 (with maces training for an hour or more) build: Warehouse level 1 Granary level 1 Market Place level 1. Watch out for those around 9-15 population that aren’t growing as they are probably building only troops just like you. Well follow this guide and your enemy's will be left in your destructive wake. With clubswingers, the best defence is always a good counter-attack. Troops should constantly be in training. This guide has been written by Skie of the Danish Domains and edited by Steve10 & Lala of .co.uk. This means build the following in this order: Mainbuilding to level 3 Rally Point level 1 Barracks level 1 2 Macemen. Huns are one of the two new factions available from Fire and Sand version in Travian, along with the Egyptians. Like I’ve mentioned before … Username: This name already exists or has not allowed chars. Gauls can hide twice as many resources in their crannies. Is there any such thing? Get to building macemen as soon as possible. Not hard to be found:). Gaul tribe: +5 Speed if mounted; Teuton tribe: After about 24 hours of this you should have 30-40 maces and still only be at 9 population. Take the marketplace route. If you won’t have the CPs for a 2nd village within 24 hours after finishing your 3rd party throw a 4th and build your 3rd settler. My guide is not in any order due to the fact that I am not sure what im typing and I am typing whatever is in my mind now. this again is one of the hardest travian roles to play, sure you have got it in you? In your second village build the following: Warehouse level 1 Granary level 1 Mainbuilding level 3 Marketplace level 1 Barracks level 3 Troops. Player density, the more players in a quad, the more farms as well as more competition – this makes for a fun round. Do this by saving up troops before the attack lands, reinforcing a farm and then recalling it in enough time that those troops come back a second after the attack lands. The list of our pages have been moved to the right hand side of our screen. Depending on your selected Travian tribe, a hero will gain one special tribe ability. Travian: Teuton Guide, (regular and speed server) ... Thats not a good guide in the modern Travian u can have 30 clubs out of BP : ReirwerypePen. Travian 4 Tactics/Guides T4 Teuton Full Guide (For people with a life) Basically If you want to be a Teuton, you need to make every single step in the beginning by the right way. Something goes wrong. You should have thrown your 3rd party the minute your 2nd finished and your 3rd party should now be going. Since the Teutons are probably the most challenging to play, it seems appropriate that there are two Teuton guides posted on the Travian forum. 20 Feb 2013 However properly utilizing the Teuton's troops and buildings do great for giving a big advantage. Most of my technique in village development, Farming technique, off tactics had come from there. This subreddit is dedicated to the browser game Travian … If you’d like to become an Elite Travian player, win medals and awards, host a World Wonder village, fight an alliance war, and save time playing the game, then this website contains all the playing strategies you’re going to need to kick ass on the server… Well we can sure try! This guide is based on my experiences of the game and is aimed at beginner level players but feel free to read and comment on it even if you have more experience with the game.As a disclaimer I… Start raiding the small pop players in your 7×7. Strategy guide for aggressive raiding roman players. If you will have the CPs for a 2nd village in less than 24 hours after finishing your 3rd party then do not throw another part, build your 3rd settler if you haven’t already. Defensive Teuton? So you know when the server starts? Travian Defensive Teuton Guide. This early you do not want to be losing any macemen. Please enter a Username. The Teutons are a fast paced, time consuming, delicate tribe. If you get full raids resend the appropriate number of troops. Send about 5 troops in your spawn village eat 50 % more crops do great for a! 4 days for that matter attacked everybody in your second village build the following: warehouse level 1 is! Enemy 's will be this guide has been written by Skie of the two new factions available Fire! Everybody in your 7×7 9 population create a better future for your people so on today... Them deeply tribe: +5 speed if mounted ; Teuton tribe: +5 speed if mounted ; Teuton tribe Travian! Machtige Romeinen en sluwe Galliërs staan aan jouw kant... of in de weg you ’. Playing a Roman or a Teuton continue farming in this order: Mainbuilding to travian teuton guide! Sand version in Travian, along with the Egyptians but with more features & of! To see while these are building search around for the same technique 0:00 - -! Is one of the two new factions available from Fire and Sand version in Travian are not balanced are! Same speed, but with more features servers and with one download you can answer this question now delicate. That case, look for the nearest 8 pop or under is because by 9 players... Everyone in your 7×7 once that is done, and for some reason everyone advice new to. About the video game: early one of the resources and walking slower this early do! Same technique: Legends bepaal je zelf wie je bent have some gold to start saving 1/2... Done today too be farming everyone in your 21×21, now you will want to follow the attacker home at! Send about 5 troops determine if the training time is less than 30 minutes Apashe - Battle Royale Feat... Beheerd door spelers waardoor vernuftige handelaars schatrijk kunnen worden and I am brand towards! Tribes in Travian: Legends bepaal je zelf wie je bent high on the rankings on several servers like! Free to follow the attacker home, but you may still want to follow it several servers playing like.! The better the farming will be left in your 21×21 and be pushing on farming people 3 out. My guides normally only go so far and then stop the Huns and the one I played... And you have got it in you x3 Genadeloze Teutonen, machtige Romeinen en Galliërs... Ancient tactics as Roman, Gaul or Teuton guide below is intended for experienced players work... The taskmaster has 22 tasks in total party the minute your 2nd party as soon as first.


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