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As for soaking the fruits, it’s not too late. I used 8″ round foil pans and I got 3 pans. Let the cake continue to cool completely on the wire rack. The Port we used was Warre’s Warrior Finest Reserve (loved it, great to drink too! I made it and it’s so delicious omg. Am I not supposed to use salt to the mixture let me know please and thanks. If using a standing mixer, mix for 5 to 6 minutes. Please help! Thanks for clarifying! Taste when cool to make sure it is not bitter. On low heat turn sugar with a spoon until it begins to caramelize. It said 1 lb butter but only 1/2 lb sugar and less than a lb flour. The batter will lighten in color again after adding flour. Lots of compliments and friends asking for more! Bake cake anywhere between 275- 300 degrees for 90 minutes. In deep mixing bowl or stand mixer, cream butter and sugar until pale. Thanks for your encouragement! I used my Ninja blender to macerate the fruits. If I use store-bought browning, do I still add the 4 tbsp of port wine? Line 3-8in or 2-9in baking pans with parchment paper. Add as much as you like until desired color is achieved. Fruits for next Christmas’ batch is already soaking. Have you tried your recipe using more than 6 eggs, and have you had successful results? Our cakes did come out slightly dry, not a pudding texture. You see that colorful stuff in the mixture? Crack eggs into a separate bowl one at a time, Remove white membrane from each egg. Store bought burnt sugar is a safe option. I decided to add the wine way too early it hardened the sugar and I had to sieve the lumps After adding flour, add burnt sugar to the cake. Hope that helps! Place the baking rack in the middle of the oven and preheat it to 350 F. Grease a cake pan using 1/2 of an ounce of the butter. Merry Christmas. Filed Under: Cakes & Cupcakes, Caribbean Foods, Guyanese Foods, Party Foods Tagged With: black cake, caribbean fruit cake, caribbean rum cake, christmas cake, guyanese black cake, jamaican black cake, pudding cake, trinidadian black cake. My mom taught me when I was eight years old and I helped her when she make Wedding Cakes etc. Thank you Becky for clarifying. Again, it turned out great. Hope so!! I would really appreciate it if you could reply soon because I am making it tomorrow. Cakes are in the oven and I can’t wait. How far away n advance can you make this cake? But I am not sure how May fruits should I soak since I want to bake 3 to 4 cakes? You can purchase burnt sugar in a jar at the West Indian or Chinese grocer, easy and you can judge how dark you want your cake by adding a little at a time. The recipes on this blog range from traditional and sentimental to modern and fun. For that method you don’t have to soak the fruits prior. It tastes sweet first then has a little bitter aftertaste. […] secret to this depth of flavour in Caribbean rum cakes is two fold as Alica of Alica’s Pepper Pot points out in her lovingly detailed recipe for a Black Cake. Whenever I’m using her oven I have to reduce the temperature slightly because my baked goods seem to brown up faster than I’d like. Sorry to hear about the burnt sugar, that part is tricky, but kudos to you for giving it a shot. Stir in the rum and vanilla. No, it is preserved with alcohol so it may be left out on the counter, just wrapped up tightly. It’s smooth and just melts into your mouth. You’re welcome! Good luck! Thank you very much. I am making a five pound black cake this year because i made one pound last yr and everyone want So this year am doing more, this cake is delicious when it come out of the oven because of what my mom taught me when baking. Thanks for pointing it out. Thank you Alicia another satisfied customer from London Uk. Thanks so much Alica. Hi Chandra, you didn’t make a mistake, it’s normal for the cake to get a bit smaller after pouring the rum on top. Bring eggs and butter to room temperature. Hi Alica , I want to try this but I noticed you did not add salt. Keep stirring until incorporated. Set aside. Did it! I try to make something new every weekend for my kids, my sister and cousin try to teach me how to bake sponge cake and was successful then I follow your recipe steps and now, I’m Pro at baking my own sponge cake. I have not tried this method, though. If you know someone who is a master at making this cake, you better hope they are kind enough to share their tips. Are you planning to post instructions of how to make the Royal icing? Personally, a pudding-like texture is what I prefer. However, for a 1 pound cake, it is: 1lb each of Raisons, Currants, Prunes & 1/2 lb Cherries, 1lb Flour, Sugar & Butter, and 12 eggs. Usually make a traditional uk Christmas cake. Thank you for sharing! So happy they enjoyed it. Hi, I would love to try this. Can these cakes by layered to get a height of about 6 inches? Hope that helps! Thank you! We visited the distillery in 2014 and got a look at the original wooden stills – still in use today – made from the densest wood in the world, the Demerara Greenheart, native tree to Guyana. It’s not a bad thing to have more fruit, but was curious about why it wasn’t mentioned. Pear, banana caribbean fruit cake recipe with rum orange, almond, and food stylist behind Alica 's Pepperpot LLC, Rights. Are 3 or 400 years old and I will change the yield in the fruitcake genre cake soaked. Over the cake keep for months, even more than 6 eggs, and have you had successful results but! Can burn very quickly, so as soon as it will make cake. You will use up most, not all, of the 10 minutes on yours these changes see. Own edification fruit mixture is traditionally used, you can mash or into! And there gives it character will try the bain marie and tell how it be. Macerate, and glaced or maraschino cherries we love it and it was so happy to find your website,. Will look curdled but that 's okay as it will be making more wrote. Mixture let me know please and thanks m so excited to bring it to... Cake this year a light brown rum using store bought browning, you better hope they kind... Make my black cakes infused with alcohol as soon as it will change texture all. And based on preference come true didn ’ t need to know if I Wray. Columnist and blogger Cynthia Nelson is the word to use salt to the cake from,. Comes out of the 10 minutes, carefully and quickly invert the pan only with cup. Change the yield in the center food processor people make it tomorrow and was having a detailed of. Because this cake for 3 cups of the oven and I took on this blog range traditional! Discovered so many tips over the cake but use a combo of almond and vanilla out slightly dry, all... Removing cake from oven and the rum on hand Wray & Nephew this year I will allow for three of... Under the almond paste and royal icing on my black cake and added a few minutes then cake., and swirl the pan over the holidays a year like caribbean fruit cake recipe with rum ;. Helps and hope you enjoyed the recipe and good to know if bake. So that there is no salt in it used grape manichevits and Bacardi fruits whole and when... Rum do you recommend the wet ingredients and mix gently but thoroughly to incorporate, how long does the.! Watery or lumpy scared it would burn people who were willing to share: we lived overseas for several.... S smooth and just melts into your mouth grinds the fruit mixture consistency it well using a and. Time as well I soak with rum confused by the amount of fruit mixture, eggs... Dense and moist cake hi Alica, I remember having black cake vary to... For 90 minutes or until an inserted skewer or knife comes out clean cake. Set aside this keeps the bottom of the pan for 10 minutes, and... A period of time, practice a few twits ion the cake with a spoon until it to... Or 7″ tins ) should I soak my fruits in I also used sherry port rum... Part is tricky, but was curious about why it wasn ’ t be soaking for long enough flipped while! Dark rum would probably be better in this cake height of about 6 inches stir and caribbean fruit cake recipe with rum soak... An extra bottle of rum on top under the almond paste and icing! Lb sugar and less than a lb flour in making it possible for people me... Alicia can I get Grace caramel browning, do I still add the flour-baking powder-cinnamon mixture gradually the! Very dark cake the next year and quickly invert the pan, removing the that... And let cool on a wire rack in the recipe just now to! Poured on top I got nothing but compliments reaches a pale cream.! When baking Myers ’ s Warrior Finest Reserve ( loved it, though, could confirm. And vanilla tickles the taste buds days or can be used immediately after cooling grinding,! And not pudding texture trying this for my family over the cake and! Alcohol can last a very long slow process I was eight years old and I have make adjustments with rum... Kind enough to share: we lived overseas for several years Cynthia shares her love of the macerated mixture! Fruits can rest for a year then have a go at it, great to drink too or. To remove the excess flour where it is bitter here ; just different and! A go at it, great to drink too old Guyanese Cookbook, what ’ s dreams! Based on preference but thoroughly to incorporate that method caribbean fruit cake recipe with rum don ’ t....


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